Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that once you start going to a chiropractor, you always have to go?
We've heard this too, but it is actually not true, and it is definitely not true in our office.  We offer three phases of care and let our patients choose the care they want.  First is relief care.  Here the goal is to get relief from whatever ails you.  Once you get relief, you're done.  This is achieved usually from one or two visits to two or three weeks.  Second, there is corrective care.  Here we work to actually correct the underlying cause of the problem.  Because the underlying cause has usually existed for awhile, it can take longer to get a full correction.  It varies from person to person.  But it is wise to get the problem finally corrected once and for all.  And finally there is maintenance care.  We could also call this phase prevention or wellness.  These visits are designed to keep you healthy and prevent future problems.  Many patients choose this care because they want to be as healthy as they possibly can be.  So you're totally okay to choose the type of care you want.

I heard that chiropractic care is only good for back and neck pain.  Is that true?
Another common misconception.  Chiropractic helps people with all kinds of health problems; from headaches to allergies to arthritis.  By restoring a normal nerve flow in your body, this improves how your body functions, including the healing process.  So no matter what health problem you come in with, we can help you.  If you're alive and have a spine, we can help you.

Is it possible for a chiropractor to hurt you?
Chiropractic is one of the safest approaches to health that exist.  Dr. Horning is highly trained and experienced in rendering gentle care to all of his patients, from infants to the very elderly.  We take care of people from birth up to 100 years young.  Many famous and wealthy movie stars and athletes use chiropractic regularly because they know it is safe and effective.  They would know because they can afford the best health care money can buy.  So, no, we do not hurt you, we make you feel better.

How expensive is chiropractic care?
How can you put a price on health?  To be truly healthy is priceless.  But due to expenses, we must put a price on the health service we provide.  Our fees are very reasonable, especially considering the results we get with our patients.  Most people can afford our care.  We accept most insurances, which usually have a deductible and co-pay.  Whether your insurance covers you or not, your health is the most important thing you have, and we restore it for you.

Are chiropractors real doctors?
Of course we are.  Chiropractors train in pre-chiropractic and chiropractic college for 6-8 years and receive a Doctor of Chiropractic degree (D.C.).  We are required to pass national board exams, as well as the board exam in the state where we practice.  Chiropractic is recognized by most health insurance companies, workers compensation, auto insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, government agencies, and the military.  Where a medical doctor learns how to prescribe drugs, we learn how to adjust the spine.  The basic education is the same.  The important thing is do we get results, and in our office we absolutely get great results.