I now live in comfort as well as my family

I now live in comfort as well as my family. Congratulations on 25 YEARS of Dedication and Optimum Care!! What a Gift of health and mind you have given to SO MANY. You do realize that this is a True Gift Given to you. You never treat anyone like it is just another day at the office. You’re not only interested in their health but as a friend as well.

That is the same gift of optimum health & mind you have given me as well as my family, Words can’t ever really truly describe how appreciative we are to have you.

Our journey brought us to you some 12 years ago. Relocating to New Jersey after having a wonderful doctor out west, I was concerned to find a good doctor here. Well my first try resulted in more pain and fear. Now scared, I searched and consulted with my old doctor to help find Dr. Horning.

Finding Dr Horning was a blessing. I will say he was even better than the one I had out west. Since then, I now live in comfort as well as my family.

I am a unique and out of textbook spinal care case. There are so many miracles Doc. Horning has done for me that I’d like to highlight a few. Body functions operating correctly, knee success, numbness gone, breathing back from a rib, diet & exercise advice, health of mind, and most of all just being a concerned friend.

My oldest son had an adjustment and as we were walking out saying we are on our way to baseball game, Doc. said come here Ryan, this would help your game. Wow, it did. He hit 3 for 3 that day.

Brandon, my youngest is now experiencing the best allergy season yet. The medical doctors said he was going to need tonsil and adenoid surgery on top of the medication. I mentioned this just in general talking to Doc. He said he could help. I was surprised. (When I really shouldn’t have been) so he did his thing and Brandon is now breathing through the night again, and allergies has been all but nonexistent.

The G Family