Tired Eyes, Lack of Energy, Ringing In My Ears

“Tired Eyes, ” Lack of Energy, Ringing In My Ears

I had two issues that I hoped Dr. Horning could help me alleviate: (1) something I referred to as “tired eyes” which I also associated with a general lack of energy (2) ringing in my ears that has been progressively worsening. I have been a student of nutrition and wholistic approaches to wellness for years. Over the years I had been addressing the first issue methodically and wholistically. I had rid myself of the horrible headaches and more intense eye pressure that used to characterize my pain but I was left with my current daily eye pain and associated fatigue. I refer to it as “associated fatigue” because, where my body wasn’t tired, all I could do was think about sleeping to ease the stress in my eyes. By 11 am on most days, I was already looking forward to the daily nap that I was able to take when my toddler took his. My nap would occasionally be refreshing and by early evening, my eyes were usually screaming for more sleep. I met Dr. Horning through the recommendation of a trusted friend who is also studying to be a chiropractor one day. Dr. Horning felt confident that he could help me with both issues. After taking some x-rays, it was confirmed that I had a couple of spinal misalignments. Additionally, we also determined that I had food allergies (wheat (but not gluten), oranges, and corn) that Dr. Horning felt significantly contributed to my eye problem. After receiving adjustments for a few weeks and not eating the offending foods which I ate on a daily basis, my eyes felt fine. I can hardly believe it?! Who would have guessed that allergies played such a significant role? I have learned that responses to allergies are extremely variable from person to person and that, within a person, offending foods don’t necessarily trigger identical responses. For example, when I eat an orange or a sandwich on thick (a lot of bread, you can virtually see the change coming over my face. But I seem to be fine when I eat a thin crust slice of pizza or a small burrito. Had I not met Dr. Horning, I would never have guessed that allergies were largely responsible for my “eye fatigue” issue. The ringing in my ears is still present (it did actually disappear for a few blissful days). However, this is something that Dr. Horning is confident that he can help me with. I am grateful that I met Dr. Horning. It is a great relief to know that I can go about a normal day. I had been fearing the day that I either went back to work outside of the home or my son gave up his naps, whichever came first. It’s not good to live with any kind of fear and I am glad I no longer do.

Lisa P.